Software Development

CloudIOT develops and offers the technical building blocks required to assemble distributed systems of devices and sensors which are effectively connected to IT infrastructures. Our platforms are a combination of hardware, firmware, operating systems, programming frameworks that dramatically accelerate the time to market of M2M / IoT projects and enable customers to layer their added-value components on a reliable read-to-use infrastructure. IoTs communicate effectively with each other and with applications residing in data centers or the cloud. CIoT develops and offers the technical building blocks required to build distributed systems of devices and sensors to be effectively interconnected with IT infrastructures.With our solutions, its possible to cut time to market and deliver scalable, cost effective projects without the need to care about low level details and external infrastructure.

IoT testing approach can be different based on the system/architecture involved. We focus more on Test-As-A-User [TAAS] approach rather than testing based on the requirements.

Broadly we do the following:

Identity and Authentication

Data Protection

Data Encryption

Storage Data Security in Local and Remote Clouds

For REST, WDSL SOAP and other popular API and IoT protocols, SPARK UI provides the industry’s most comprehensive and easy-to-learn functional testing capabilities. Based on open source technology proven by millions of community members, SPARK UI helps you ensure that your APIs perform as intended, meet your business requirements, timeframes, and team skill sets right from day one.

We will perform a security assessment on external cloud services and REST, WDSL SOAP APIs used to exchange data with Internet of Things networks, applications, devices, and sensors. Vulnerabilities are identified, and if desired, exploited during a penetration test.

Create tests directly from Swagger ( a free SAAS product which allows teams to collaborate and coordinate the entire workflow of an API’s lifecycle) and other popular API description formats.
• Analyze your functional test coverage to know what you’re missing
• Run ad-hoc tests without having to maintain temporary API client code
• Use the command-line to hook your tests to your build system
• Quickly flip between multiple environments: development, testing, staging, etc.
• Test REST, SOAP, and other protocols in a single, unified framework.
• Code examination and tests to prevent buffer overflow.
• Types: Big Data Analytics, Data Integration, Embedded Analytics, Data Visualization
• Services: Data Governance, Predictive Analytics, Big Data Management, Data Monetization.

We are specialized in providing unique solutions in providing offshore dedicated software development teams. We provide professional staff with required skills and experience working in dedicated office space, including hardware, software, communication infrastructure. All the team members are working in a state-of-art development center located in the US as well as in other countries and work around the clock. We establish Offshore Dedicated teams with professional methodology and management in mind. We support our clients in working with the engineers to reach a high level of productivity. An Agile Software Development that Works in Your Same Time Zone with years of experience and over 50 software engineers, we’ll work with you, embracing your goals as our own.!

Data mining from IoTs

Our probes nicknamed “fingers” pull hot data from production IoTs for analytics. They are easy to deploy, manage and govern.

  • Deploy probes near endpoints to provide the flexibility and agility needed for dynamic data retrieval. Data scoring and light computing at the edge reduces the cost of transporting and managing less-relevant data while enabling fast automated operational responses.
  • Combine big data analytics with edge analytics to provide deeper, more accurate, contextual insight, from any device, any data center or cloud, with data at rest and in motion. Leveraging analytics at the edge, at the core or in combination delivers faster, more valuable data-driven insights.
  • Use industry-specific algorithms to support vertical and domain-enabled solutions, which enable data scientists to collaborate and partner with a wide variety of ready-built models, functions and applications to drive innovation beyond the competition.
  • Take advantage of cutting edge gateways, with fully integrated, vetted and hardened analytics tools, which aggregate and secure data at the edge of the network, perform analytics locally, then route meaningful information to the datacenter located in the cloud.