At CIOT we envision the future. We have a team of hardware, software specialists and data scientists, who know how these next-generation technologies can help your business be more profitable and efficient. We Identify and develop next-gen IoTs that’s going to be mainstream in the near future. We blend our years of experience, knowledge, and research to deliver solutions that bring value to your organization. When it comes to innovation and improvisation, we help you determine new features and new products that will satisfy customer desires and bind them to your brand.

Design and development

Various IOT designs and network connectivity will be designed and developed at CIOT. These prototypes based on Industrial requirements will be thoroughly tested and later manufactured at an outsourced facility. Our aim is to get to the market with a full turnkey solution.

We design and develop nearly any micro-controller/ operating system/or networking protocol, modules into the customer cloud or enable connectivity to well established IoT Cloud.

The Cloud we chose is a completely managed service that provides a full suite of operational, business intelligence, and analytics services to manage a connected deployment throughout its lifecycle. Our mobile application libraries contain rich APIs that can be used to develop great iOS and Android applications that can securely control and manage products. We provide guidance to develop residential and commercial connected products. By leveraging our IoT Platform, tools, services, and support, device manufacturers can now bring connected products to market quickly and securely without having to become experts in areas like networking connectivity or cloud infrastructure, allowing them to focus on what they do best, building great products.

By providing all the resources needed to prototype and develop, test and optimize, deploy and manage, and ultimately have a successful IoT.

After building your connected device and mobile or web app, it is crucial to perform end-to-end system testing and QA to ensure the reliability of your new product.

Customers should be able to accelerate the development of their connected products and mobile apps by shortening the software quality-assurance and verification cycles as we use time tested , proven and mature platforms for connecting it to the  Cloud.